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Aims & Objectives


1.To enable and ensure the availability of reliable clinical data for diagnosis, treatment, healthcare management and public health for Nigerians.
2. To encourage the introduction of Electronic patient Health Records (EHR) systems in all medical hospitals in Nigeria and to sustain continuation of its usage.
3. To ensure and assist in development of Online/Real-Time Transactions in hospital/ pharmaceutical management services for Nigerians e.g. Rapid responses to accidentals victims and emergency cases.
4. To develop and assist in the lifelong research of the possibility of Telecommunication radioactivity effects on human health e.g. Masts erection within perimeters of densely populated locality in Nigeria.
5. Nigeria Environmental hazard issues research through informatics
6. To train and educate for capacity building and management of high quality, low cost health care provision in Nigerian 7.To act as a source of professionally-recognized expertise in Health Informatics, underpinning the outward-facing role of HIS.
8. To provide a forum for HIS members to develop their knowledge and understanding.
9. To provide a forum for informatics professionals in health to meet colleagues, exchange ideas, and build their contacts.
10.To work with other parts of ICT bodies to share knowledge of health with other sectors, and help the health sector to learn from the wider information and technology community.
11.To influence policy at all levels as it relates to informatics in health.
12.To develop and promote the science of Health           Informatics, including the development and implementation of standards.
13.To improve the quality and professionalism of Health Informatics, people, processes, and services in the health community.
14.To ensure that Health Informatics supports patient safety and ethical practice15.To establish Health IT School (HITS) starting from the six geographical zones where graduates of medical related courses are taught and exposed to the ICT innovative and latest medical equipment usage.
16.To establish Health Informatics Club, Health informatics Farm where medical Technology equipment is readily available for Nigerians usage at low-cost.
17.To source for grants, funds to run and meet annual budgets of the association and
18.To use health/medical information Technology (e.g. Telemedicine) assistance to spread the awareness of HIV/AID and to prevent it to the remotes rural areas of Nigeria . A key goal of HIS-Nigeria is to confront the diseases of poverty more efficiently through ICT by empowering individuals, communities, health workers and health institutions to streaming knowledge capture, collection and communication in the field of health.
19.To coordinate and mobilize the healthcare Nigeria workers/ students in attending health-relevant congresses and conferences both in Nigeria and abroad so as to be abreast of the latest development and advancement of innovations in the field health.
20. To publish, distribute newsletters, journals on health /medical informatics subscribers (such as health care providing companies) in Nigeria.



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