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HISN members pay less for conference registration
HISN members can claim a N100,000 discount on registration.
Members of other organisations can claim a N50,000 discount on registration.
To claim a discount you need to be a financial member of HISN as at (day 1 of the conference) proposed year. To find out if your HISN membership is current please email us. If you are not a current HISN member you will have the opportunity to join/renew during the registration process (annual membership is only N45,000 – and you can then claim the N5,000 discount).
Note: You are only able to claim one discount per registration.
To automatically get HISN announcements about, earlybird pricing, submission deadlines and more, please sign up for the HISN eNewsletter. Or contact us with a specific question.

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