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HISN Call for Submissions

Health Informatics Society of Nigeria invites you to submit an abstract. This is your chance to be a speaker at our upcoming HISN Conference. These peer reviewed presentations cover a broad range of themes. There is a submission type to suit most situations.
Why you should submit a paper or abstract:

  • Show others how your organisation has been successful in using e-health
  • Share your research and studies on ways to improve healthcare
  • Have your voice heard
  • Partner with healthcare facilities, clinicians, vendors and others to present a compelling case for the value of your implementation
  • Make sure your research, your project, your innovation, your experience, your learnings are a part of the biggest digital health event in Nigeria.

Submission types

There are three submission types to choose from:

  • HISN Scientific Abstract
  • HISN Clinical Case Study
  • HISN Digital Health Idea
HISN Scientific Abstracts

This submission requires a scientific abstract only (not a full paper)

We are looking for research abstracts and associated oral presentations that provide insights into the latest thinking, innovations and emerging initiatives. The review committee includes local/international academics and health informatics experts. Authors of selected abstracts may be invited to write a full paper for publication in the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics

  • Download the scientific abstract submission guide PDF
  • Download the scientific abstract template Word document


HISN Clinical Case Study

This submission requires a 400 word abstract. 
We want to know what you’re doing, what works and why; and if it’s not, why not. The aim of the clinical case studies is to provide practical insights into the clinical application of the latest thinking, innovations and emerging initiatives. The review committee is primarily made up of reviewers with clinical qualifications and experience.

  • Download the clinical case study submission guide PDF
  • Download the clinical case study template word document

SUBMIT NOW – clinical case study

HISN Digital Health Ideas

This submission requires a 400 word abstract.
We want to hear about practical digital health ideas and change projects. Your idea/project should solve a problem/challenge in the health care system through the use of technology and/or information. Ideally, your idea/project should have been partly or fully implemented. If your idea/project is still in the planning phases you may still submit it; however be sure you have validated it with research and evidence and can clearly articulate the practical aspects or learning the audience would get. The review committee includes a mix of reviewers from across healthcare, IT and business.

  • Download the digital health ideas submission guidelines PDF
  • Download the digital health ideas template Word doc

SUBMIT NOW – digital health idea


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